Why you need website for your business?

Website has become the most important medium for an organization, to establish their online presence. It offers your clients a glance about your company, what you sell, where your office is and who you are different than your competitors. The website in today’s scenario is not limited to, providing information to your clients but it also provides a platform where you can meet your clients resolve their queries and sell product to them. Provided marketing is done correctly, one can easily manage their business and sell product through their website.

If you are planning to develop a website for your organization, we would request you to analyze your need, as primarily three types of websites are there static, dynamic and Ecommerce.

Static Website: These are the most basic websites, technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript is primarily used to develop static websites. Static websites is used by such organizations, which do not need frequent changes in their website as it not offers a backend to manage the website. So if you want an informative website than static website is the most cost effective method for you.

Dynamic Website: website offers a platform to their clients, from where they can change the content, images and other details of their website. In today’s time everybody want dynamic website, the primary CMS’s which is used to develop a dynamic website are Wordpress, Joomla, drupal etc. One can change their products, banner image, add and delete content, add and delete pages etc using dynamic website. PHP, html, css and javascript is used to develop a dynamic website.

Ecommerce Website: Using ecommerce website, one can buy and sell products. Majorly Zend platform is used to develop such websites.

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