Learn Here, How Much a website Cost!!

You must be looking for a website designing company in Delhi, and must not be clear who much to pay them, to get the best website. May be you are researching about this topic, and came across this blog. Whether you are a small company or the CEO of a million dollar company, today through this blog we would help you to measure the cost of a website.

The first step is to find out, they type of website for your business:
Every business is different; likewise the website requirement is also different. The minimum requirement of website, its design as well as image requirement depends on the business, type and size. As every website has different requirement likewise the technology they use is also different.

A website cost based on following factors.

  • Domain Name: The cost of domain name registration vary, you can purchase any domain for maximum 10 year.
  • Hosting of the website: The hosting cost also differ, the cost totally depends on the type of hosting you choose for your business, there is shared web hosting as well as dedicated hosting(The prices are higher , as compare to the shared hosting, as it is consider more secure), the price increase if you opt for SSL service.
  • Design: The cost got higher if you need a customize design, and with increases in customization the cost keep on increasing.
  • Shopping cart: Cost got higher if you integrate shopping cart in your website.
  • Content Writing: If you need content writing services from your web designing that also cost you more
  • Testing of the website
  • Search engine optimization requirement to be done in your website
  • Annual maintenance contract of your website
    These all are the factors upon which your website cost depends, so once you hire a website designing company than it is very important that you ask about all the above mentioned points from your web designing company.

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