Technical Tips to Improve the Ranking of E-commerce Website

This Decade has witnessed a new trend in Indian market that is the entry of E commerce websites, which allows user to buy and pay the product online. The time saving approach is becoming popular day by day specially in metro cities. Here we would discuss very important and major points which are very important to consider if you want to boost the ranking of your website online.

 Keyword Research: Search engine optimization requires effective keywords, the research of keywords of an e commerce website for main page and the product and services page is done while writing the content. Make sure to use log keywords as it helps you more. A good research would surely help you to earn a highest ranking in search engine platforms. Do a research and find out the keywords which help you to boost your business online.

On Page optimization of website: It is very important to get higher ranking in search engine. The best is that you can control on-page optimization of your site by keeping in mind few things which includes keyword optimization, adding rich snippets linking, etc. If your web page is optimized correctly the search engine can easily crawl your web pages and help your site to get good ranking. Improving the usability and visibility of your site, adding true customer reviews etc.

Optimization of social media pages: It affects upto 10 % of the organic search algorithm. We website designing company Delhi advise you to promote your website in all the platform- Google+, twitter, Face book, linked etc. Incorporate all the social media  icons and links in your website .more you have tweets, likes, shares, comments, views, +1s etc better for your e commerce business.

Improve the page load speed of your website:  The delay time in loading your website may cause, that user might abandon your website .That means loading time is a very important factor to improve the conversion rate. Make sure to use faster server, make sure to reduce the size of the components in your website.

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