Which is better option to advertise your business?
Google Adwords Ads or Facebook Ads

Online marketing is a very important tool to advertise your business, Facebook and Google adwords are the most dominating online marketing platforms. Through our organisation Goldfish Technology, we wish to sincerely assist our clients to efficiently utilize their advertising budget, so the prime step is to recognize and understand which is the best network for your business to reach maximum number of customers. The basic reality of this question is that– we never have a one right answer of this question. So it is, very important to recognize the basic variation between how we advertise and who all would be the audience in both the platforms.

Before designing your advertisement strategy online, think what types of user use that particular platform. Google is a search engine network , where one visit to search the items and question of their mind, seeking information, solution of their queries etc. on the other hand Facebook is a social network website where you visit to connect and chat with your friends , It’s a platform where you are allowed to share your information as well as pictures. Google helps you to have search like “Tour packages of India” when you are planning to tour India, or you might view  an image of  your sister posted of while roaming in Kerala with her husband , and know you want to visit to that beautiful state.

Google Adwords gives you a platform where, you have option to restrict your audience by their location, and a few other criteria – but the whole system of Google adwords is based on keywords. One who advertise in Google bid on this platform using keywords which become visible to the users when someone searches that particular keyword. For example, when someone searches “Hairsaloon in Delhi”, a hairsaloon owner can set this keyword and as per their bid their website would appear. Ads on Google are mostly text and you should use brief about the business which highlights the benefits of your product. The price of the bid is entirely depends on the competition of the keywords.

While using Facebook, you would get more options to advertise your business. In this platform your consumers can be targeting by location, age, relationship status of the person, job title and job types, gender of the person etc. Here there are options to get the audience as per their interests and behaviours which is based on the likes and other activities done by the user in this platform – so you can easily target through this platform people who have a cooking hobby, who love to travel, or dine out more openly. Your ads will become visible in the user’s account.
Google Ads are most excellent for the instant sales as the audience you have is searching for the immediate solution of their query or requirement.
Facebook ads are consider the best majorly for the marketing of your brand and lead generation. Facebook helps you to get highly targeted audience, and your ads would appear in front of your targeted audience.

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